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La Perla 'J'aime la Nuit'

J'aime la Nuit (by La Perla) evokes the passion and magic of the most romantic nights, wrapped in a veil of secrets and seduction. It's a woody floriental fragrance, combining both a floral bouquet and oriental tones.

Juicy Nashi and spicy, bewitching Grains of Paradise provide the exotic top notes. The soft, deep middle notes of Grape Flower, Queen of the Night Jasmine and Black Orchid are enriched with delicate dusting of Helleboro Rose. The silken veil of feminine bass notes reveals Cashmere and Amyris Wood, enveloped in warm Amber. Tantalizingly sensual - the new secret of the night!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to international airmail & shipping regulations, sadly we can no longer supply any fragrance product outside the UK.

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