Buying Lingerie for Your Lady? A Guide for Gentlemen

April 18 2024

Gentleman presenting his lady with the gift of lingerie.

Gentleman presenting his lady with the gift of lingerie.

Gentlemen, choosing lingerie for your special someone can feel daunting. But have no fear - Sandra Dee is here to help demystify the process! With a few thoughtful tips, you'll be able to select a sensuous surprise that she'll adore.

Know Her Style

Pay attention to the lingerie she already owns. Does she prefer simplicity or show-stopping glamour? Romantic lace or sleek satin? Classic neutrals, black, white, pastels or bold colours? Plain, floral or modern geometric patterns? Does she wear half cup bras or full cup bras, briefs, high-waist briefs, shorts or thongs? Take note of the styles, fabrics, favourite colours and the types of details she loves. Just remember - it's ultimately about making her feel wonderful.

Focus on Fit

To find out her size, check her existing lingerie - just try not to get caught! For a bra, a '32C' shows that the band size is 32 and the size of the cup is a C. For briefs (knickers), the sizing might be anything from XXS to XXXXL, or it might be expressed as numbers - so a S (Small) is also a size 10, a M (Medium) is a size 12 and so on. We have a Sizes and Garment Care page that will help if her lingerie sizes are not standard UK sizes. If checking her lingerie isn't possible, a Sandra Dee Gift Card would still make a thoughtful present.

Sexy, Everyday Wear, or Both?

Think carefully before choosing anything too obviously sexy, like a basque, bright red garter belt or a thong - this is about choosing something special that she would want to wear, not what you might want to see her in! Opt for lingerie she can wear day-to-day, like a half-cup bra, briefs or a silk nightie. If they're beautiful and well made, they'll get plenty of use while still making her feel gorgeous.

Matching Sets

Purchase a matching bra and brief rather than just one or the other - no woman wants to wear mis-matched lingerie! We sell ours separately, but you can see matching lingerie in the 'You May Also Like' section of each of our product pages, or you can go to the Brands section of our website (upper left on the navigation bar) where you'll be able to view collections in one go.

Choose Quality

Invest in fine fabrics like silk or Calais lace that feel decadent against the skin. Pieces with delicate embellishments, elegant trim and flattering cuts transform lingerie into a luxurious experience. Quality craftsmanship by brands such as Lise Charmel, PrimaDonna, Empreinte and Aubade stand the test of time.

Presentation Matters

Lovely lingerie deserves equally lovely wrapping - opt for a heavy patterned paper, ribbons and trims in her favourite colour. Enclose a thoughtful note sharing why you chose this gift and attach a flower to it or spritz lightly with her favorite perfume. Make the unveiling an event in itself!

Most importantly, give your lovely lady something that makes her feel pampered, beautiful and treasured. I'm always delighted to help with suggestions if you need a woman's perspective. Your thoughtfulness will not go unappreciated!



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