Can You Tell You're Wearing a Bra? You Shouldn't be Able to!

January 25 2024

Model wearing PrimaDonna 'Deauville' bra, at Sandra Dee

Model wearing PrimaDonna 'Deauville' bra, at Sandra Dee

Do you know you're wearing a bra? If you do, it's probably because it's ill-fitting or uncomfortable. You don't put up with ill-fitting shoes, so why put up with bras that don't properly support you?

If you long to take off your bra or change it when you get home and relax in the evening, the solution is to invest in a high-quality, well-engineered bra that fits you perfectly. It may be a little more expensive than a high street bra but it will work out cheaper in the long run because you'll be happier with it and it will last for many years.

To celebrate our 45th year of trading (I can't believe I've been in business for so long!) I've decided to reduce the cost of some of our best-selling hiqh quality bras (PrimaDonna 'Deauville', Empreinte 'Cassiopee' and 'Louise') to just £99, so now comfort, style and lasting quality are more affordable than ever.

Key Takeaways:

• Get professionally fitted to find your true bra size
• Look for bras from specialist lingerie brands
• Hand wash your bras to extend their lifespan
Model wearing 'Deauville' bra in Caffe Latte, by PrimaDonna

Get Professionally Fitted

Many women are wearing the wrong bra size, leading to lack of support and discomfort. A professional bra fitter will measure your underbust and overbust and have you try on multiple bra sizes and styles. This ensures you find the size and shape that fits your body best right now.

Having personally helped women find the right intimate apparel for over four decades, I can immediately tell when someone walks into our Cheltenham boutique what size bra they should be wearing!

Don't forget that your body changes as you age, and so the size and shape of bra you need may well change over time. A well-fitted bra should:

• Fit snugly without bulging, gaps or cutting into skin
• Have straps that stay put without digging in
• Lay flat against sternum without floating or squeezing

Don't settle for bras that pinch, poke or shift around - comfort is key!

Is Your Bra Well-Engineered?

You may not realise it, but a good quality, supportive bra is an engineering marvel containing dozens of intricate parts. While a basic bra may contain 20 or 30 individual pieces a good quality bra can contain 50 to 60, meticulously stitched together!

What does all this engineering do? Each part plays a role in lifting, shaping and supporting:

• Structured cups provide form and coverage
• Underwires lift and distribute weight
• Back bands anchor for stability
• Side panels smooth bulges
• Interior slings cradle from underneath
• Plush padding creates cleavage

This complex construction keeps your breasts in place and distributed evenly. The result is a greater comfort, a smooth silhouette and minimised bounce during activity.

Quality bras also require many different stages of assembly, for example each PrimaDonna bra goes through 40 to 50 stages, and every single element (fabric, lace, fastenings, elastic, shoulder straps, underwiring) is put through the most rigorous testing in their facilities before a new style is manufactured. And before any of their bras are dispatched, they undergo two final inspections by hand. All the bra brands we sell at Sandra Dee are carefully chosen, designed by craftspeople, and engineered to fit.

Specialist Lingerie Brands

Brands such as PrimaDonna, Empreinte, Lise Charmel and Aubade have been designing high quality bras for many years.

PrimaDonna's expertise in lingerie began in Germany in 1865, and their mission continues to be to create fashionable, comfortable bras for women with a larger cup size.

The French lingerie brand Empreinte was born in Brest (no jokes please!), France in 1946, founded by the visionary Jean Le Her, who set his sights on improving bra design and construction to better flatter the female form. The brand continues today to craft bras engineered to uplift, enhance, and delight.

Lise Charmel started in the 1950s in Lyon, France, and has become synonymous throughout the world with quality, beauty and craftsmanship.

Finally, the Aubade brand was launched in the 1950s during the era of girdles and panties, and is recognised as one of France's premier lingerie brands.

Hand Wash Gently

While machine washing is quick, the agitation can damage bras over time, especially underwired ones. The wires get bent out of shape, fabrics stretch out, and elastic wears down faster. Oh, and (as I mentioned in a previous blog post), underwired bras have the potential to wreck your washing machine unless they’re in a wash bag.

Washing Method Average Lifespan
Machine Washing 2-3 years
Hand Washing 6+ years

This table shows that bras lasted nearly twice as long when hand washed compared to machine washed. The gentle agitation of hand washing preserves the shape and elasticity of bras. In contrast, machine washing can damage bras over time, causing them to stretch out and lose support faster. Investing a few extra minutes to hand wash bras gently allows them to maintain structure and comfort for years.

So extend your bras' lifespan by hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent like Eucalan Fabric Soak (which you can buy from us free for orders over £150). Use a laundry bag, reshape the cups while wet, and air dry. If you have to tumble dry, check the label to see whether this is OK and again, use a laundry bag to protect the bra from too much abrasion.

If you invest in quality over quantity, you’ll enjoy all-day comfort, and with proper care, a bra that will last 6 years or more.

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