Caring for your lingerie

November 07 2023

Caring for your lingerie

Caring for your lingerie

Washing an Underwired Bra

If you have an underwired bra and want to avoid the wires coming out and ruining your washing machine (it can happen!), close the fasteners and put it in a net washing bag first, or better still, wash it by hand.


Eucalan natural fabric conditioner.
On the subject of hand washing, for all delicates I recommend using Eucalan, a natural, fully biodegradable fabric conditioner that doesn't require rinsing.

It removes dirt and debris and then continues to condition and strengthen the fibres once it's dry thanks to lanolin, an oil extracted from sheep's wool.

It is available unscented or scented using essential oils - some of which also have antiseptic properties.

Just soak for 15 minutes and hang up to dry - perfect for travelling too, when access to water might be limited.
Online, we sell 100ml bottles (UK only) of Eucalan for only £6.00

If you visit our Cheltenham boutique in person you can pick up a larger 500ml bottle (see photo) for only £19.00.

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